nVent RAYCHEM ACS-30-EU-VIA-DU-20-MOD snow melting sensor module for ACS-30


ACS-30-EU-VIA-DU-20-MOD – Snow melting multi-sensor for ACS-30

RAYCHEM ACS-30-EU-VIA-DU-20-MOD is a sensor input for surface snow melting and de-icing applications.

The module provides ground temperature and moisture sensing for the ACS-30 control system. The module can be positioned near to the heated area and is connected to the PCM module via a 3-wire cable. The module is provided with a 15 m external ground temperature and moisture sensor to be positioned at the heated surface. The output from the ACS-30-EU-VIA-DU-20-MOD module enables the switching of the heating circuits within the power & control module (PCM). The module comprises the VIA-DU-20 control for smart system switching and energy efficiency.

Specyfikacje techniczne

Ambient Operating Temperature0°C to 35°C.
Dimensions332mm x 262mm x 132mm
IP RatingIP55
Control Device230Vac, 50-60Hz.
Connection and Protection